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South Jordan Spotlight: The First “Raising Cane’s” in Utah

Raising Cane's in South Jordan, Utah

An entire restaurant based solely around chicken finger meals? It may sound crazy—in fact, that’s what business professors and bank loan officers told the company’s founder when he initially pitched it—but Raising Cane’s can now be found in more than half of the country, with the first local location right here in South Jordan, Utah.

The Raising Cane’s Story

After earning the lowest grade in his business class, founder Todd Graves worked 90-hour weeks as a boilermaker at a California refinery and 20-hour days as a commercial fisherman in Alaska to make his dream a reality. Using the money he saved, Todd returned to his home state of Louisiana and opened the first location in 1996, after renovating an old building with the help of some friends. Todd named the restaurant after his yellow lab, Raising Cane, and today, South Jordan, Utah, is one of more than 500 locations where Raising Cane’s can be found across the United States.

An Uncomplicated Menu

The Raising Cane’s concept is simple: offering a high-quality product and keeping the menu small. Every option is based around chicken fingers, whether it’s a basket, a sandwich, or a batch big enough for a party. According to the company website, “This concept will not allow us to compromise our quality, cut corners or clutter our menu with new products that do not fit our core menu offering.”

Active Community Involvement

Raising Cane’s also finds ways to help the communities they serve. The work of the staff generates both income and resources used to give back to communities, like South Jordan, in areas such as education, feeding the hungry, pet welfare, active lifestyles, business development, and entrepreneurship.

So, the next time you find yourself in South Jordan, Utah, don’t be a chicken—stop by Raising Cane’s. And if you’re looking for a new apartment in South Jordan, Utah, contact ICO District Apartments today!

Photo Courtesy: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers